Awesome Tool to Avoid The Social Media Tasks You Hate

I use a pretty awesome tool that I think you will love. It’s called Zapier. Essentially Zapier connects cloud-based applications together handling many of the mundane tasks that you would normally have to do manually. I’ve been using it at Phase 2 Solutions for a little over a year at the time I’m writing this and I’ve got it to the point where it saves about a good 10-15 hours per week.

Not a bad investment for about $15 per month. Now keep in mind, I needed to upgrade to the $49 per month plan for additional usage, but it literally saves me hiring a part-time person to handle the tasks that need to get done. It also avoids human error.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.56.22 PM
Zapper’s directory of applications that you can connect together.

It’s worth checking out some of the things it can do. You can visit to find out what web apps and social networks it connects with. Their support is incredible too. I usually get a response within 24 hours. Oh and I’m not being paid to say this and I’m not sharing an affiliate link đŸ™‚ This is just one of those secret weapons that every digital marketer should have in their back pocket.

What are your thoughts on Zapier? Any feedback or cool ways to use it?

Jason Verdelli

Jason Verdelli

I'm Jason :) I love growth hacking and love helping other growth hack their way to success. Growth hacking means achieving your mission in the most efficient and effective way possible. It blends together marketing, technology and smart ideas with a sole focus on growth. It focuses on the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach your end goal. Growth hacking is the secret behind the growth of brands such as AirBNB, DropBox, LinkedIn and Uber.

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