User Experience Testing: Why You Can’t Live Without It

Whether your business has a website, app or even a mock-up of what you are doing, getting the right feedback from the right kind of audience is critical to your success. It doesn’t just stop there, you need to know how your audience is reacting to your brand and how they change behavior over a period of time. This is where most companies miss the boat and end up wasting their investment in areas that are fundamentally flawed. The purpose of this interview is to make you NOT one of those companies.

Interview: How Jeff Bullas Became Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers in the World

Building a significant loyal following around you and your brand is no easy task. I’ve always wondered some people seem to generate an extraordinary number of loyal followers and brand advocates. What are these people doing that I’m not? Is there some sort of magic secret I’m missing here? Imagine how having millions of people […]

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