Digital Systems Integration: The Future of Your Business Depends On It

Without a doubt, what keeps most businesses from growing and scaling is inefficient processes. Think inefficient marketing, internal communication, financial and operational processes. Each minute of inefficiency is costing you not only money, but making it much harder to grow and scale your business. In an age of cloud technology and integrative software platforms, it is possible to grow and scale your business without exponentially growing your costs. The secret is getting your business systems (website, CRM, ERP, etc.) to work together and become your greatest asset, instead of your greatest expense.

Dan Siemon, Founder of the Go Green Paperless Initiative, is one of the world’s leading experts in digital systems integration. By trade, Dan is a digital applications developer with nearly 25 years of experience, a strong vision to help organization’s eliminate the need for paper, and a partner with each of his clients by collaborating with others that can also help support an organizations mission.

In the video above we interview Dan to discover the possibilities for organizations to take advantage of digital systems integration to help grow and scale properly. Dan goes beyond tech and share how organizations can optimize and streamline their business processes today without the associated headache that usually comes with technology projects.

Jason Verdelli

Jason Verdelli

I'm Jason :) I love growth hacking and love helping other growth hack their way to success. Growth hacking means growing your organization or business in the most efficient and effective way possible. It's marketing for the 21st century. It ties people, platforms and processes together in a way that supports consistent and rapid growth. It supports predictable revenue which is a much smarter way to grow a business today where we have so many tools at our disposal for so little cost. It can give a single person the power of that would otherwise require thousands of people. Here I share my thoughts, ideas and strategies that you can use to growth hack your way to success.

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