How Can Small Businesses with Limited Resources Grow?

The strategies, tools and resources you need to grow your business is right at your finger tips. For small businesses with limited resources, the challenge becomes determine what strategies, tools and resources to choose that yield results you can drive to the bank with tomorrow. When you have limited resources (time, money, people, etc.), you need to stay focused on strategies that produce the highest level of return per dollar spent.

In this Q & A interview, you will gain several strategies and tactics to help grow your business with limited resources. More importantly, you will learn how to prioritize these strategies and tactics so you can yield the highest return-on-investment. We will be interviewing Dr. Joel Kline, Co-founding professor of the Digital Communications Department at Lebanon Valley College.

Meet Joel Kline, Ph.D

Kline, co-founding professor of the DigiComm Department, owned a digital media company and held elected office prior to entering academia. He continues to consult and conduct research in the areas of user experience, social media, Technical Communications, Web 2.0, and innovation. As a consultant, Kline has helped clients develop online communities of practice; create a Social Media for Business strategic plan; deploy Microsoft SharePoint for a corporate knowledge management system; build iPad and mobile apps; and improve corporate web presences through analytics, heat maps, and usability testing.

He teaches courses in user experience, e-business, innovation, strategy, and project management. Accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America, he also serves as treasurer of the International Digital Media Arts Association. He is the community facilitator for the Society of Technical Communication’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) project. Kline blogs and tweets on technology, communities, and innovation topics and has presented on such interesting subjects as “What the (Bleep) is the Cloud?” Kline has bachelor’s degrees in biology and philosophy, a master’s of journalism, and a doctorate in technical communications and rhetoric.

Jason Verdelli

Jason Verdelli

I'm Jason :) I love growth hacking and love helping other growth hack their way to success. Growth hacking means growing your organization or business in the most efficient and effective way possible. It's marketing for the 21st century. It ties people, platforms and processes together in a way that supports consistent and rapid growth. It supports predictable revenue which is a much smarter way to grow a business today where we have so many tools at our disposal for so little cost. It can give a single person the power of that would otherwise require thousands of people. Here I share my thoughts, ideas and strategies that you can use to growth hack your way to success.

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