How to Improve Your Website with Andy Crestodina

Your website is the very central point to all of your marketing. Is your website working for you or are you working for it? Is it converting visitors into leads? Is it helping your company get found from relevant search terms on major search engines? Is it truly bringing you credibility? These are some of many of the questions you should be asking when reviewing your current website.

Andy Crestodina - Orbit MediaIn this interview, we interview the Co-founder and Strategic Director at Orbit Media (a predominant website development company in Chicago, IL), Andy Crestodina. Andy is the author of the book Content Chemistry and founder of Content Jam, Chicago’s largest content marketing conference (and in it’s 5th year). He will break down what you NEED to know about your current website and help equip you to answer key questions. You’ll walk away from watching this interview knowing how to get your website working for you and becoming one of your greatest assets. Enjoy!

Jason Verdelli

Jason Verdelli

I'm Jason :) I love growth hacking and love helping other growth hack their way to success. Growth hacking means achieving your mission in the most efficient and effective way possible. It blends together marketing, technology and smart ideas with a sole focus on growth. It focuses on the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach your end goal. Growth hacking is the secret behind the growth of brands such as AirBNB, DropBox, LinkedIn and Uber.

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