Gamification: A membership value delivery system

Recently on Social HubSite and Associations Connect, I published an article on how to develop a member reward system (i.e. Gamification) to really get and keep members engaged. This is a major issue that associations are facing today considering the clutter and distractions that members are faced with on a daily basis. In the video […]

How New Media is Empowering Embracement of the Participation Age

Notable Links from Interview Chuck’s website 7 Geese – for team real-time whiteboards Slack – for internal team collaboration 15Five – for measuring employee engagement Introduction Companies embracing the Participation Age are growing nearly 10 times faster than companies that aren’t. One of the key reasons is the trend away from the traditional way of managing employees and creating meaning […]

How to Convert Email Subscribers That Visit Your Website Into Customers

MailChimp Link: This video will show you a proven strategy to setup an automated system to track email subscribers that click through email campaigns to your website. When subscribers take certain actions on your website, you can setup automated email follow ups that are extremely relevant to the actions they took on your website. Overall, […]