3 Reasons Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail for Law Firms and How to Avoid Them

According to Nielsen and Marketing Week, over half of all digital marketing campaigns fail to achieve their objective, reach their targeted audiences, etc. This doesn’t come as a shock considering the amount of digital marketing options and the sophistication that can be put behind a campaign. The more options and sophistication behind digital campaigns leaves […]

SEO: What you REALLY need to know

In this Q & A interview, we will be interviewing the founder of Moz.com and co-founder of Inbound.org, Rand Fishkin. Moz.com and Inbound.org have become THE resource for high quality information and tools to help organizations utilize search engine optimization (SEO) as a true asset. This Q & A interview will reveal the strategies, secrets […]

How to position your online member community as a “member benefit”

Membership-driven organizations have the greatest opportunity to keep and gain more members. It resides in their online member community. The problem is that most membership-driven organizations don’t focus on how they are positioning their online member community as a “member benefit”. Technology will not solve this issue. The assumption that members will find value in your […]

Gamification: A membership value delivery system

Recently on Social HubSite and Associations Connect, I published an article on how to develop a member reward system (i.e. Gamification) to really get and keep members engaged. This is a major issue that associations are facing today considering the clutter and distractions that members are faced with on a daily basis. In the video […]