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5 Ways to Stand Out in a Flood of Emails

Days like today where I can practically fish in my back yard remind me of my email inbox. It’s tough to avoid the heavy rain hitting the roof and the noise of water splashing as cars drive by the same way it is tough to avoid the constant flood of email messages sent to you each day. If you really think about it, we are constantly flooded not only by rain, but by email messages every single day. I did some research from a few sources and found that the average American sees approx. 3,000 – 5,000 advertisements and approx. 100 emails every single day. I would even venture to say that we receive a lot more email due to notifications from social networking websites. Now this is what I would call a flood of messages. This makes it even more challenging to create an impact when sending emails to your email subscribers. Essentially subscribers become so inundated that they tune out messages that are irrelevant to them at the time they receive email. So the question then becomes, how does your email message stand out when you send it to a list of subscribers?

Here are 5 easy ways to stand out:

  • Use Conversational Subject Lines – People generally react better to conversational tones better than forceful tones when communicating online. You could use something along the lines of “Let’s Start Working Together” or “Some Ideas that Might Interest You”.
  • Use Socially Relevant Subject Lines – Use subject lines in your email campaign that relate to something of general interest to your subscribers. As an example, since many of my subscribers are around the Mid Atlantic states I used a subject line and post title relating to “flooding” since we are in the middle of a tropical depression. Before you set on a subject line be sure you understand the demographic of your email subscriber base and where they are from. This will help your email open rates tremendously.
  • Get to Know Your Subscribers – One of the most important factors when someone is deciding to open up an email is based on who it is coming from. This goes back to your relationship with your email subscribers. One suggestion is to invite your email subscribers to connect with you on LinkedIn, join your LinkedIn Group or even join for your Facebook Fan Page. This provides you with the opportunity to non-obtrusively communicate with them outside of email. From there make it a habit to comment on their status updates or acknowledge something in their profile. This simple form of communication will help you develop a deeper impact in future email marketing campaigns.
  • Choose the Right Time to Send – Be sure to change the sending times and frequency to track variances in your open and click through rates. If you have a lot of business emails you might want to consider scheduling your campaign late morning when your recipients have had time to clean up the “flood” of emails in their inbox.
  • Give Away Something You Normally Charge For – One way to get your email subscribers to WANT to open up your emails is to give away something that you might normally charge for. This doesn’t mean that you have to give away the farm, but just simply to let your email subscribers feel that there is a true value by being on your list. When it comes time to actually offering them something they will be much more receptive because they have already receive a form of value from you. The imagination wonders when you get something awesome for free and when you have the opportunity to purchase something of similar or greater value. You can see an example of this when buying a smart phone. They stick a bunch of cool “free for 30 days” apps on your phone hoping that you develop a habit and a value mindset around it so you pay for the app service for months to come.

These are just a few ideas that should help you become more effective in communicating your messages through email. If you have further questions on how to apply these types of tactics to your own specific online marketing strategy, please feel to contact me direct here on the website. Good luck and stay dry 🙂

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