How to position your online member community as a “member benefit”

Membership-driven organizations have the greatest opportunity to keep and gain more members. It resides in their online member community. The problem is that most membership-driven organizations don’t focus on how they are positioning their online member community as a “member benefit”. Technology will not solve this issue. The assumption that members will find value in your […]

Gamification: A membership value delivery system

Recently on Social HubSite and Associations Connect, I published an article on how to develop a member reward system (i.e. Gamification) to really get and keep members engaged. This is a major issue that associations are facing today considering the clutter and distractions that members are faced with on a daily basis. In the video […]

Bring Focus to Your Community And…

Focus is the lifeblood of your community. Focus helps give the people around you a clear understanding for how they can help you. Focus helps you establish a strong position in the market space and makes it easier for people to partner with you. Focus relieves stress. Focus give you the opportunity to see through […]