Business Strategy


Your lead distribution process includes all the steps involved in taking a lead from your initial conversion action (e.g. making a call, completing a contact form, etc.) to the first contact point in your sales process. It’s a critical process to properly measuring ROI as assures leads generated from your marketing channels have a viable opportunity to attribute revenue back to each channel.

Too many marketers focus too much of their time, attention and budget on automation and optimizing the marketing funnel for conversions and not enough time in creating content that their potential customers can actually USE. Understanding this concept will fundamentally change your thinking, allow you to build a brand and not just company, and exponentially produce more conversions for a lot less money.

To develop a winning digital marketing strategy you need to:

1. Clearly identify your business objectives
2. Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – metrics driving toward your business objectives
3. Do your research and identify strategies that have worked for similar businesses
4. Stay focused and scale up as needed

By following these key points you’ll be in a better position to build out your strategy and assure that your marketing budget is moving in the right direction.