How to find the exact ROI from digital marketing campaigns

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How do you measure return-on-investment from digital marketing efforts?

Are you simply getting an analytics report that shows items such as impressions, clicks, page views, etc.?

Do you currently attribute converted client revenue to your digital marketing campaigns?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you are setting yourself up for expensive growth and ultimately, failure.

I’ve been working in the world of digital marketing for over 13 years and a lot has changed. Today, website technology makes connectivity with various applications much easier to setup. This empowers marketers, such as myself, to tell a real story about exactly what’s going on within digital marketing campaigns.

Here are just a few examples of tracking methods that help track and improve ROI from your digital marketing campaigns…

Heat Map Technology

This gives us the ability to discover common visitor behaviors from specific traffic sources – for instance, your Google Adwords campaign. Heat Mapping tools, such as Crazy Egg, give us the intelligence needed to make smart copy or design changes on your website that get interested visitors (potential clients) to call or complete your contact forms.

heat mapping technology


A/B Testing

Tools such as LeadPages allow us to serve multiple page variations to website visitors. I love using this for optimizing lead conversions from digital marketing campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords campaigns). We can compare page variations against the same volume of website visitors to determine which pages work the best. I see A/B testing as one of those tactics that you absolutely must deploy to be responsible for your investment into digital marketing campaigns for your company.

a/b testing


Call Tracking

Call tracking services make it easy to track, and even record, calls coming in from your digital marketing campaigns. We can simply insert a snippet of code on your website and when a visitor comes to your website from a specific places (e.g. Your Google Adwords ad), the phone number listed on your website will change to the call tracking number. This avoids any confusion from your existing clients as they will still see your normal phone number.

Call tracking numbers are available as 800 numbers or local numbers. If you are targeting potential clients within your local area, I usually recommend sticking with the local number option.

The other great facet of call tracking is that you can trace specific calls back to elements in a digital marketing campaign such as keyword phrases or specific ad creative. This gives someone like me the ability to filter focus your budget in areas of a campaign that are yielding a greater ROI.

call tracking service


Form Submission Tracking

When a potential client completes a form on your website we can trace that event back to a specific source just like we can with call tracking. In other words we can trace a specific persons actions back to an exact keyword phrase, link or creative that attracted them to your website.

Just like call tracking, form submission tracking allows us to filter focus our budget to specific elements within your digital marketing campaign. From here, we can determine what parts of your campaign to add, add or improve.

form submission tracking

These are just a few of many tracking mechanisms you can take advantage of to track and improve your ROI.

I like to take it a step further though and track exact revenue from each lead generated from your website or landing pages. This involves comparing our results from call tracking and form submission tracking back to client billing activity.

If your practice management software allows it sometimes tracing billing activity back to results from your digital marketing campaigns can be automated. If not, creating a simple tag or category for each client in your practice management software will do. Once this is setup we can establish an exact ROI for each tactic with your digital marketing strategy.

Reviewing your ROI from digital marketing campaigns should be at least a monthly exercise. This is something I do with my clients every month to help grow their practice.

Client feedback and proper tracking mechanisms gives us the business intelligence needed to make smarter decisions. The key to success is not how much money you have to spend on marketing, but rather the correct focus, strategy, execution and tracking.

Let’s start the conversation and get you on track for smart, profitable growth!


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