If you are in sales or marketing, you understand how hard it can be to get a prospective client to respond to your communications. As people continue to immerse themselves on more digital platforms, it’s only going to get harder and harder to get people to response to your messages if you don’t adjust your approach.

The good news is that your competition is most likely lazy and will continue to jam a barrage of messages (e.g. emails, social content, ads, etc.) to your prospective clients forcing them to tune them out. This leaves an incredible opportunity for you, the not so lazy one, to show how genuine you are and how much you really care about making a connection with them.

The best way to show your prospects how genuine you are and get them to respond is through personalized video messaging on LinkedIn.

This approach combines a winning mix of 2 critical factors:

LinkedIn Direct Messaging

You no longer are competing against hundreds of email messages that your prospects receive everyday.

You will increase the likelihood that your message will be viewed considering that it is on social media where people get a lot less direct messages than they do emails.

Consider also that if your prospects have the LinkedIn mobile app, and they haven’t turned this setting off, they will receive a push notification on their phone when you send them a message.

Personalized Video

We live in a skimming society. People are programmed to skim through information and decide if it’s worth their time to read it and respond. When you create a personalized video for someone, they practically feel obligated to at least acknowledge it.

Creating a personalized video for someone also shows that you give a **** about them. As you know, people make decisions and buy on emotion, not rational thinking. Simply showing someone that you care through a personalized video is going to get them to feel more connected to you and ultimately going to get them to respond.

So the question becomes, how do you connect the power of LinkedIn Direct Messaging and Personalized Video?

The answer is Drift Video.

Are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. First, sign up a free account at https://www.drift.com/video/.
  2. In your confirmation email, you’ll receive a link to download the Google Chrome extension.
  3. Once you install the Chrome extension, head over to LinkedIn.
  4. Click on “My Network” at on the top navigation bar.
  5. Click on “Connections”.
  6. Find the contacts you want to set an appointment with and click on the “Message” button
  7. Click on the “Record a video message” link
  8. Click “Record video”
  9. When you are done recording, click on the Stop button
  10. Click on the button to copy your video link, paste it into the message box and hit Enter

The key here in the video is to be genuine, give them a little background of who you are and what makes you tick, and simply ask them for the appointment.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when creating the personalized video message:

  • Don’t worry about your video being perfect. Actually, the less perfect it is, the more genuine it will come across and the less likely it will be perceived as a “marketing message”
  • Do a little research before sending the message so you can incorporate your findings into the video – the more items that show you did your homework on them, the better. It’s really boosts your Give a **** factor πŸ™‚
  • Consider mentioning a few shared contacts you have on LinkedIn
  • If they just changed jobs, congratulate them on the new job
  • Compliment them on a recent achievement
  • Mention your thoughts on one of their recent posts

There are a ton of other ways you can incorporate personalization into your video messages on LinkedIn. The key is to just start.

Just like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

Your competition is lazy. Your competition doesn’t give a **** as much as you do!

If you want to book more appointments, increase your income and improve the quality of your life, incorporate this approach into your schedule and stick to it. Don’t just make this a one time thing.

Now get off my blog and start making things happen πŸ™‚


I believe you need to pour all your passion into something that you truly believe in. Marketing is to me what a cabinet is to a carpenter. It needs to be carefully planned, measured and executed using the right tools to get the finished product you want. You live for the end result. You treat your work as a craft, and not a job. Let's Connect β†’