How should your brand communications change during the current times we are in? Well, you don’t need to worry about answering that tough question. Your customers and community are already telling you. You just need to know how to ask, where to ask, and where they are already telling you.

Twitter recently conducted a survey from users to understand what kind of content they prefer to receive from brands during the current time. Below is an infographic from Twitter than outlines the results of the survey.

Twitter Survey

These survey results give you a rough starting point on how you need to shift your messages, however, knowing what you actually put in your messages takes an understanding of your brand. This is where most brands fall flat. The “not knowing” who we make it harder to choose how to adjust messaging and therefore adjustments never happen. It just stays business as usual and therefore your messages (e.g. social media posts, social ads, email content, etc.) become less relevant and effective.

The good news is now is a great time to dig deep down inside and really understand your brand not as a “business”, but as a living breathing member of society.

  • Your brand has a purpose.
  • Your brand has a mission.
  • Your brand has a vision.
  • Your brand has an essence.
  • Your brand has a personality.
  • Your brand has values.
  • Your brand has a value proposition.
  • Your brand has a story.
  • Your brand attracts certain types of people.
  • Your brand has a standard of expectations.
  • Your brand has a perception of the world.
  • Your brand has a promise.

As you can see, your brand isn’t much different than a person. Who do you want that person to be? How would that person adjust their messaging during a time like this? Filling in the blanks to questions like this will give you the guidance you need not only to handle adjustments to your communications right now but in the future.

To help guide you even more in digging deep and actually defining your brand (answering the points above), I interviewed a branding expert and fellow colleague of mine, Melissa Fritchey. Melissa provides us with some amazing insight into how to run through the exercise of building your brand strategy. You’ll walk away with ideas and insights into building your brand that will serve as a foundation for the content you develop and where and how you share it. The result, better engagement, and improved results in all of your campaigns.



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