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No Community Too Small in Reaching Your Destiny

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The Problem

The trap I find many people falling into when trying to achieve something, personal or business related, is discounting the the size of their community. I’ve done it myself so I know. I used to look at everything as a numbers game. I would get discouraged every time I hear of some blogger attracting hundreds of thousands or even millions of readers within a year. I could never really pin point exactly how they did it. I kept asking, how do certain people seem to generate so much interest and grow their community so large in such a short time?

I read and understood just about every strategy there is to know in the internet world to grow a following, but could never seem to understand how certain people seem to amass such a huge following in such a short time with little resources. This is what intrigued me. I figured if you had such a huge following imagine what kind of impact you could make on the world or even a business for that matter. The question is how did they do it and where did they start?

My Story – Cliff Notes Version

Social HubSite (A Social Website Platform solution) is one of the brands that drives my passion and my vision. It serves as a channel to which I can inspire and empower others to do great things by uniting the community around them.

It took me 6 years, going through pure hell in the process, to find out my true passion, purpose and good that I can contribute to society. For years in getting my company, Phase 2 Solutions, off the ground I used to focus on more, more and more in trying to achieve something. Get to more people, more traffic, more clients, launch more brands, etc. This had me going in all sorts of directions. You can ask anyone who knows me in the last 8 years and they will tell you the same. I was filled with passion, ideas and a good heart, but on no consistent path.

After 11 business ideas that didn’t pan out as envisioned I was stuck. I know I’m not the only out there that has experienced this. Through a few great business mentors of mine, I was challenged to discover my true purpose, my passion and vision. Questions such as “What do you want to leave behind to society when you die?” were asked. Questions like this can be really challenging. It’s answering the WHY and not the WHAT. It took me almost a year to realize my purpose after realizing what triggers my emotions.

I’ll never forget the day everything clicked. I remember watching Food, Inc. on Netflix with my wife. I’ll never forget the tears rolling down her eyes as the documentary revealed some of the horrifying truths about our current food system. By the way, after watching this you will never eat fast food again. I remember asking, “What can I do to empower others to change this?” How can I give people the tools and knowledge they need to start a community with a purpose, a mission and reason for being? How can I take what exists in the way we communicate today and empower others to make a difference and do something great? Not one person has ever achieved anything without the help their community, whether directly or indirectly.

This shift in thinking made me realize that I needed to adjust the way I view the world and view business. I needed to inspire others to understand the concept of building a purpose-driven community to do great things. The only way I was going to do that is to build a community around myself, my company, my brands, my team and my clients that all help in executing my vision.

The Shift in Thinking

So right now I am focusing my time on deepening relationships with everyone around me that share the same values, the people that make up my community. I am focusing myself and my team to be human. The product, the sales and everything in between doesn’t matter unless this is achieved. I view my community as people that value the good in my vision and are willing to help.

It sounds silly at first, but it is really a shift in the way we think. It mean looking at everyone that we are connected to, and I mean EVERYONE, and taking time to get to know them, their interests, their values, their goals, etc. I call this “Social Focus”. Building a sense of Social Focus means focusing on our purpose, people around us that share the same values, platforms that help us build a community to execute our purpose and process to develop a system of communication that strongly influences the community into action.

Where I’m Going From Here

As you can see I am passionate about building communities to serve a greater good not only for oneself, one’s company, but also for society. It’s the kind of focus we need today in a world full of negativity. From this moment forward I am going to change the way I blog. I want to keep it real. For years I focused on sharing helpful information as being the “expert”. There are a bazillion, yes I said bazillion, blogs out there that do that. I am human. I want to change the world by helping people achieve their destiny through the people around them, their community.

I am going to take you on a journey with me day-by-day to see how I am going to take my community to the next level. Take the same principles, experiences and tactics and apply them to your own life or business.

I’m going to share the challenges, the successes and the results of building my community. I want you to share your opinions, ideas and your challenges in building a community around yourself or your company.

Stay tuned in the days ahead. As I post my ideas and stories, please share them with someone you know who could benefit from hearing them. This isn’t just my journey, this is our journey. Let’s build the community that supports our passion, our mission, our vision and reason for being.

About Author

I believe you need to pour all your passion into something that you truly believe in. You become better at it. Branding, digital marketing and technology is to me what a cabinet is to a carpenter. There are many aspects of it that need to be carefully planned, measured, created and combined in order to get the finished product you want. You live for the end result. You treat your work as a craft, and not a job.

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