Respect Your Time and Use Lead Scoring to Determine Who to Follow Up With Next

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In sales, time is always working against you. You have 2 ends of the spectrum. The time you spend prospecting for new potential clients (this can also include time you spend managing inbound lead generation efforts) and the time you spend closing deals.

The problem that keeps you from building momentum and closing more and better deals is when you spend too much time prospecting and blindly following up with people that either aren’t interested, are potentially nightmare clients, or people that are interested but aren’t ready to buy now.

Whether you have a list of 10 prospects or 10,000 prospects you need to start prioritizing who you following up with in order to close more qualified deals.

So what’s the solution to this problem?

Simple. It’s automated lead scoring.

Lead scoring allows you establish a point system based on the actions your prospects take in your sales funnel.

Actions might include:

  • Email activity (opens, clicks, etc.)
  • Website activity (certain pages visited, time on page, etc.)
  • Custom events (downloaded a report, attended a webinar, etc.) makes outreach automation and lead scoring easy. You can setup an email outreach automation sequence as shown below.

email automation example

As you add subscribers and send prospects through the automated email outreach sequence, you can be applying lead scoring points.

Setting up lead scoring is simple with All you need to do is enter points in the boxes next to each action.

See below for a few example of actions that you can track.

You can also apply lead points to your opt-in forms.

You can even determine a score that would consider the prospect a qualified lead based on the number of points that they accumulate.

As people flow through your email automation sequence and campaign emails you send through, you can take time to sort prospects by lead score.


Once you have a list of qualified leads, take a moment to gather some further business intelligence to fuel your follow up conversations.

You can even add your own notes to keep track of your activity side-by-side with your qualified leads.


Overall, lead scoring alongside of automated email outreach is a critical tool to enable you to prioritize your time only with qualified leads. No more “cold” calling.

Respect your own time and the time of your prospects.

Click here to create a free account and setup lead scoring today!

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