One of the biggest frustrations marketers face, especially in B2B companies, is tracking return-on-investment from campaigns all the way through the sales process. Sales blames marketing for the “lack of leads” or “lack of lead quality” and marketers blame sales for not following up with leads in a timely manner or qualifying leads properly.

For most companies, the battle between sales and marketing is never-ending.

The good news is that this battle doesn’t need to exist at all.

The solution to this problem involves the following:

  1. Architect the proper lead attribution model from all marketing channels
  2. Attribute lead data (e.g. lead source, lead type, lead quality, etc.) in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  3. Optimize your lead distribution process
  4. Setup a live dashboard that runs a comparative analysis between marketing and sales data to associate ROI to each marketing channel
  5. Evaluating the ROI from all marketing channels to make better decisions

In this episode of Smart Marketing, I’m going to break down these 5 key points further so you can avoid the headache that awaits almost every marketer that doesn’t implement these steps.


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