Why Your Company Needed an Internal Community Yesterday

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Keeping everyone in and around your organization on the same page is difficult. Employees. Referral sources. Vendors. The longer that list gets, the harder it becomes to keep everyone on the same page and to maintain the culture in the company that it needs to grow.

A study by the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health found that miscommunication is the number 2 cause of stress in the American workplace. With stress comes inefficiency, turnover and lost dollars. Miscommunication can be solved by creating a real culture in a company.

The problem of maintaining a sense of culture in a company, as I see it, is the mode on which we rely for communication. Email has become one of those modes that we rely on everyday. Overall, email is great for notifications, but extremely poor at organizing the way we communicate internally.

The 2 major problems with email

  1. It doesn’t create context
  2. It is extremely passive

When it comes to building a company culture and really empowering everyone in and around the company to make it succeed, email just doesn’t cut it.

Think about if…

  • All of your referral sources were to give you at least 1 solid referral each month
  • Your employees felt a part of something greater and how that would effect output
  • Your vendors became an integral part of your sales force
  • You could go on vacation for a week without having to worry about checking 100+ emails everyday to “keep up”

These are just a few of many benefits you will receive when you have a strong company culture. No matter what size your company is, when you establish a true culture to your company, everything changes.

How the Big G does it

Look at Google for example. They achieve a strong company culture through events, their workspace, training and even through the kind of food they serve in their cafeteria. I ran across a good video (below) that goes into that culture a bit further through the eyes of interns. As you watch the video imagine an intern coming into your company. What would they say?

The good news is that achieving a real company culture doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by setting up an internal digital community, or social network, for your company.

Internal social networks add context to your communication. They create the opportunity to properly segment communication. They create an environment where people feel heard. They are places to celebrate wins. They are places to share new ideas. Ultimately, internal social networks are places to engage, share and connect with those that can truly help your company succeed. Oh, and you don’t need to be the size of Google to make one happen :).

At Phase 2 Solutions, we eat our own dog food. Phase 2 Connect is our very own internal social network. We’ve designed the system and processes around it to keep everyone on the same page while also establishing an open culture of communication. For example, vendors can educate our sales staff on new products/services cutting out countless hours training our team with the same information.

Here are a few other examples of how we use it to build our own company culture…

Training sales staff


Keeping everyone up-to-speed with industry trends


Rewarding great work


Daily department status updates


Segmenting communications by department


Keeping standard documents all in one place


Inspiring the entire team


Overall, if you want your company to achieve it’s vision, mission and to make a few extra bucks along the way, think of it as a community.

As with any community it needs Purpose (why), People (employees, vendors, referral sources, etc.), Platform (Company HubSite) and a Process (daily status updates, acknowledging great work daily, etc.). Put these components together and you will propel your company to a level you never thought was possible.

If you want to implement an internet company community, please contact my team at Phase 2 Solutions by clicking here.


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